About Magnolia Defense

Magnolia Defense is a site dedicated to daily deals on equipment from outdoor, tactical, shooting and sports manufacturers.  Our deals don't last long, and we offer them until our stock is depeleted. We strive to offer useful, well made tools and equipment, including firearms. We vet and vouch for the products we offer - everything is quality and nothing we offer is sub-par. Many of the products we offer are ones that we own personally or have used in the field.


Quality Products, Built in America

Our company and website is based in the USA and we do our best to feature American products from American manufacturers. Our quality equipment is sourced from our deep connections in the tactical, outdoor and shooting industries, and we pass those savings on to you. We're shooters, hunters, competitors, and we know the value of having quality, reliable equipment. Our motto is to deliver the highest possible quality piece of equipment at the best possible price.


Safety & Security

Our site is safe and secure, and we utilize an industry leading payment processor to process orders. We ship purchased firearms to an authorized FFL dealer of your choice.